Brommie on the beach

Take better selfies – Aanand Prasad

We ignore the effects of unchecked masculinity on us at huge cost. It’s poisoning us quietly, from youth through adulthood, stifling us, making us both harmed and harmful. It’s on us to end this, and it starts with radical self-love. Let’s be beautiful and vulnerable together.

The loudness of American airports - Duncan Davidson…

As soon as you arrive in the United States from overseas, people are yelling at you. First, they’re telling you which queues to use depending on which passport you have. Somehow, the printed signage doesn’t suffice, though I have a hard time believing that uniformed officers quickly barking orders at people is of much use to a foreign-language speaker.

Brompton World Championship USA

Who ya gonna call?

Calm before the storm. As I cycled back after taking this photo, the heavens opened and I got drenched!

Happily Ever After

Big Finale

Walt & Mickey


This fella was a very willing subject. He flew away a couple of times but kept coming back and sitting right here on this bike handle.

The little known 0.5x display mode

Wonderful post by @Cheri on making the Internet fun again…

T-shirt weather today in New York City

The sky looked amazing after the thunderstorms today

I’m sad that the Apple In-Ear Headphones have been discontinued. They were an overlooked gem. Amazing sound quality for the price.


The hall of mirrors at the EscherNYC exhibit in Brooklyn

Pennsy Reflection

Sculpture outside of Pennsy, the food court at Penn Station, NY


My custom built mechanical keyboard with WASD wrist rest and custom cable from Clark Kable.

I want to start a band and call it “The Flying Buttresses”.


I wish my body could decide what temperature it wanted to be 🤒

Trying VimR again after MacVim crashes for the umpteenth time.

Ford Theatre

The presidential box where President Lincoln was shot by John Wilkes Booth. It happened on this day 153 years ago.


The first Mario Kart and the most recent Mario Kart. The SNES cartridge on the left is 512KB and the Switch cartridge is most likely 8GB, based on the download size of the game (6.7GB).